Chesapeake bay retrievers
Compass Rose (left) is out of Dyna
and is a full sister to Dutch and Lacey.
She is adored by Christine Matteo!  
Thank you, Christine, for sharing this
Abbey is from the Archie x
Dyna Litter, and is a full
sister to Dutch, Lacey, and
Compass Rose.  This
picture is from 2015.
September, 2015
Best Cheerleading Section EVER!
Best Day EVER!
Mother handling brother (Mojo).
Son handling sister (Dyna).
Thing 1 and Thing 2 doing battle for
Best Of Breed.
Dylan, Pea, Miles, Dutch
The Herd
Miles and Dutch
The Goose, Lacey, and JuJu
The Goose and JuJu
3 whistles means COME HERE!
The Goose being tortured by Lacey
and JuJu
Kim knows how to build a
Watch Wayland Chesapeakes
participate in the United Kennel Club's
SPOT-ON Evaluation pilot program.  
Thank you, UKC, for asking us to be a
part of this new program!
Sunny (Wayland's Mermaid Summer
Sunny) is loved by Susan Peterson of
Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Sunny is out of
the Archie x Dyna litter and is a full
sister to Dutch, Lacey, Compass Rose,
and Abbey.